Journaling with God

Journaling prompts and activities to deepen your relationship with God and lead you to discovering his will for your life.

Journal Prompt on Finding Moments of Transcendence in your Everyday

Looking back to your personal life experiences, write about 3 moments of transcendence you have experienced. Then, write whether they were experienced through a major life event, a risk or adventure you took, or if you experienced that particular state of transcendence during a “uneventful moment”. Here is the link to my post, Finding MomentsContinue reading “Journal Prompt on Finding Moments of Transcendence in your Everyday”

Reflection on 3 Ways to Ease Stress for Christians

In your prayer journal, write about the top 3 triggers in your life that bring you stress and anxiety. Then, write about one solution to tackle these triggers next time you experience them. Check out my post, 3 Highly Effective Stress Relievers for Christians, here. Xo, Merr

Reflection on Intuition

Write a list of times in your life when you ignored your intuition and went down a life path that was full of negativity and hardship. What happened? Were there consequences? What did you learn? Read my blog Jesus Take the Wheel here. I also loved this article on describing what intuition is and howContinue reading “Reflection on Intuition”