5 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Partner Amid a Hectic Schedule

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Corinthians 13:7

Life is crazy busy. Between work, school, sports, laundry, dinner, dishes…. then rinse and repeat, sometimes it feels like you’re running a marathon everyday you wake up. As you are stretched thin moving in all directions, it is easy to loose sight of dedicating time to spend with your spouse or partner. But when you invest quality time with the one you love, that joy and love will trickle down to your children and loved ones. Having a loving relationship is not only one of the most precious parts of life, but also sets a beautiful example for your children and their future partners. In order to foster that special bond between you and your partner, finding quality time together is so important. Take a peek at my five ideas to connect with your partner amid a hectic and busy schedule.

Wine Night

One of our favorite things to do after we put the kids down to bed is pour a couple glasses of wine and catch up on one another’s day. This is a perfect opportunity for Ray and I to reconnect after a busy day. Just being able to have a conversation without any distractions is pure bliss! During this time, Ray and I are able to share the highlights and lowlights of our day. Some days there are stories to tell that have us laughing to the point of tears. Other days we need each other as sounding boards to let loose frustration and disappointment. While still, other moments we share bring memories filled with pain and sadness. Whatever the day may bring, there is nothing better than sharing these experiences with your best friend. So get in your cozies, pour your favorite drink, and catch up with the one you love.

Date Night

Give your babysitter a call and schedule a date night! Date nights can look different for every couple. You may want to go to dinner with just the two of you to unwind. Maybe you have another couple you want to get together with for a night of fun and laughter. Perhaps a date night at the bowling alley is your jam. Our favorite thing to do is grab a couple drinks and head out to the golf course. We turn up the music, enjoy some cocktails, and relax in one another’s company while enjoying the outdoors. However a date night might look for you, there is nothing better than getting some one on one time for a date night.

Cozy Reading Hour

Nothing reminds me more of my parents then their quiet moments reading together. My mom would pop some homemade popcorn, pour a couple glasses of ice cold lemonade, and they would cozy up with their favorite books. They still do this to this day! Ray and I love to get a hot cup of tea, sit under the covers together, and read our newest books. Even though you might not be talking, you are still spending quality time with one another, relaxing, and winding down from a hectic day. Currently I’m reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Ray is reading Long Range by CJ Box. Reading provides us with some quiet time together to rest and enjoy each other’s company.

Workout Together

It is such a treat when Ray and I have the opportunity to work out together. I love being able to take a run with Ray and compete who can finish first (he usually wins, ha!) . It is such a perfect opportunity to get some sunshine, fresh air, and quality time together. Maybe you have an opportunity to go to the gym together and attend a workout class. Perhaps you are weight lifting fans and you enjoy buffing up those muscles as a team. Whatever it may be, breaking a sweat with your partner may be the perfect way to reconnect while dedicating time to your health and wellbeing.

Make a New Recipe Together

A great way to spend quality time with your partner is to make a new recipe together. There is something about the aroma of a delicious meal and conversation that goes along with cooking together and brings about a great way to connect. Another way to add a fun date night appeal while staying home is to invite another couple over to enjoy the delicious food with. There is sure to be laughter, fun, and full bellies. Ray and I have been cooking a ton of recipes out of Half Baked Harvest Cookbook recently. The author, Tieghan Gerard, included recipes filled with colorful, healthy, and unique dishes that don’t take hours in the kitchen. Have fun awakening your inner chef and exploring new recipes with your love!


My beautiful friends, I know It can be so hard to find quality time to invest in your relationship. But when you do, not only will you be refilling that cup of love between you and your partner, you’ll have fun doing it. As often as you can, try a wine night, date night, cozy reading hour, a couple workout, cooking a new recipe, or your own version of fun. When that bond between you and your partner is strong, everyone around you benefits. It’s never too late to have fun and act like kids again with the one you love!

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Hope you and your partner can give one of these ideas a try soon!


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