About Me


Wife to Ray, Mother to Finn, Beckett, and Piper

I had been searching for the next steps to my life for a while. I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years and after my second child was born I decided to stay at home with my babies. I constantly prayed for God to show me a path beyond being a mommy but kept hearing the same response: “wait, breath it in”; Continue to live in the present moment, and soak in the precious time with your children, so I did. A few years later, I felt God speaking to me about writing. Every time it would pop in my thoughts, I’d think “Could it be? Me? Never”. In the meantime, I started to see people around me who needed God more than ever. I started sharing spiritual books or quotes from the bible to my closest family and friends based on their specific needs. They would be so thankful afterwards and would tell me how it transformed their thinking. I started to ponder, how could I reach more people? Through the years of spending time with God, he shared this idea with me to begin a website to help others find him in the midst of our busy and chaotic lives. My sincere hope is that I can help build a bridge between you and God in your everyday life, and to find an intimate relationship with him that brings overwhelming joy to your life.