Easy Self Care Tips for Tired Mommas

I use to have this competition in my own head of how much I could accomplish in a day. I wanted to be the first person into work and the last person to leave. Then I’d come home and cook dinner, do the laundry, get the kids in bed and do it all over again the next day. This was a continuous cycle until I just broke down of exhaustion. I was stressed, depleted, and unfulfilled. Then one day after talking to my mom about how exhausted I was, she asked if I had done anything for myself recently? She said, if you’re not talking care of yourself then how are you going to take care of everyone else? It really dawned on me, I am a much better wife and patient momma when I make sure to take care of myself as well. Below are my favorite self care tips I try to incorporate as often as I can in order to feel refreshed, relaxed, and rested!

Take a Quick Run

Want a quick way to run off all of your stress and give yourself a burst of energy? Take a quick run with some of your favorite pump up music. I love the saying “sweat everyday” because I can truly feel the stress of my day melt away when I get a good sweat in. Sometimes it takes me everything to tie up my tennis shoes and take a run but I honestly can say I never regret getting a quick sprint in; even if you only have 15 minutes. It makes me feel powerful, motivated, and energized! It is a perfect way to give myself a quick moment of self care.

Take a Hot Bath with all the Extras

Ok guys, I’m not talking about just a bath. This is a bath with all the accessories; you’ve gotta get the bubbles, soft classical music, a soothing face mask, a glass of wine, and a really good book. This is my ultimate tip for a tired momma. It gives you the much needed quiet time that is hard to find with littles, hot water to soothe those sore muscles, and escaping the crazy world to relax with a good book. After a bath with all these goodies, I feel so relaxed and refreshed! It’s like my own little spa day in my own bathtub!

Five Minutes of Meditation

Do you have ten minutes to spare to sit in complete silence? You probably do if you make time for it! One self care tip that takes no effort or preparation but is so effective is to sit in quiet for 5 minutes. You can meditate in any position that is comfortable for you. You can lay in the grass, on a comfy blanket, or sit like a true yoga expert. Taking some deep breaths in and out will help relieve any stress you may be feeling. I have found even just 5 minutes of quiet helps me to be more patient, clear minded, and motivated.

Meet with a Friend

Sometimes, the best way to feel more like yourself is to meet with a friend. Whether it is over coffee or a glass of wine, it always feels so good to catch up with someone you care about. There is is nothing like a girls night with non-stop laughter! If you can’t get away for a night, try scheduling a play date with a friend and their kiddos. The kids will be busy playing and you can have a moment to relax and get some girl time. Another option is to call a friend who has been on your mind to catch up. Time spent with good friends is invaluable and uplifting!

Take a Walk or a Bike Ride

Start feeling refreshed by getting some fresh air and taking a walk or bike ride outside. If you can, slip away for a moment with nature by yourself without any distractions. I love walking in the open field by our house and admiring all of the wild flowers and observe all the pretty cloud patterns. The quiet and the sunshine are truly therapeutic and is the perfect way to feel peace after a busy day. One of my favorite times to talk a stroll is right at sunset, we have a hill on the side of our house I like to walk up and watch the sun go down. It is always such a tranquil moment to soak in. I also love riding my bike and feeling the breeze hit my skin! It wakes me up and revitalizes me! If you can, find time to take a walk or ride your bike for self care.


I know it can be challenging to find time to invest in yourself and find time for self care but I promise you won’t regret it! You will feel energized, refreshed, and relaxed and ready to take on the all the duties of being a busy momma. If you can, try and squeeze in these throughout the weeks. When you are taken care of, it makes it so much more enjoyable to take care of all those who need you. You are so important momma so start treating yourself with the upmost care and love you deserve!

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Hope these tips help you to refresh, reenergize, and rejuvenate!



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