God’s Recipe that Made Me, Me!

Unique Mixture of Qualities

I had been praying to God for guidance for his will in my life. I was thinking about the moment in time God made me. He put me on this earth for many very specific reasons for this exact moment in time. It made me think about my strengths. What I feel I am good at. The more I thought about it, I had something that kept coming in my thoughts, the Merrick recipe. When God made me, what were the qualities he gave me to complete his will for my life. I sat with my journal and I wrote about 20 qualities about myself that I felt were my strengths. Some of the qualities I wrote were characteristics about myself that I had thought of before but when I sat in silence some popped up in my head that I never have even thought about! It wasn’t coming from a bragging mindset but more of a moment of awe. Clearly he has planned for me to achieve many important tasks. The same goes for you!

You are Uniquely You!

So many times we focus on negative parts about ourselves or mistakes we have made. That is what the evil one wants us to focus on. Ignore those thoughts, and think about as many qualities as you can that are strengths that make you unique. Isn’t it exciting that God created each of us with our own strengths? He made no single person exactly the same. The mixture of qualities you have is unlike anyone in the world. It is truly amazing!

Discover God’s Will

For your journal today, write a list of at least 20 unique strengths specific to you, God’s beautiful recipe he created to make you, YOU! There may be a few that pop up that come as a surprise to you. Then pray to God and ask him for guidance in your life to use these strengths to their fullest potential. You may be surprised by what you hear!

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