88 of My Favorite Fall Joys and How to Truly Embrace the Fall Season

Life can be overwhelmingly busy, which makes it so easy to gloss over simple yet meaningful gifts God has blessed us with that often fill our days.

But if you really set your focus each morning to find and experience these beautiful blessings throughout your day, you will see how bountiful they truly are.

I like to think of these simple joys as little surprises placed in our paths each day that God hopes we enjoy and don’t overlook.

Practicing gratitude and embracing simple joys throughout our day can bring us peace and delight, even on the hardest days.

There are 2 simple strategies you can implement into your routine that can help you truly appreciate the simple things in life. When these strategies are practiced consistently, more than likely, it will lead to living a happy and content life.

Below you will find:

  1. 2 strategies I use daily to truly enjoy beautiful moments of each day.
  2. 88 of my favorite Fall-themed daily joys.

Say No to Rushing and Plan Ahead

There are some mornings I wake up late and from there the rest of my day is chaos.

From the moment I wake up past my alarm, I am running a million miles a minute to get the kids dressed, get myself ready, organize and clean the house, and run off to where we need to go to get there on time.

On days like this, it is nearly impossible to appreciate the special gifts of my day and slow down because I’m already in a huge hurry from the moment I wake up.

I have found, a big part of soaking in simple moments throughout the day is to wake up earlier.

I am most productive in the early morning.

I can spend time in quiet prayer, workout, and sometimes even finish some items on my to-do list that need to be done before the kids get up. This allows me to be fully present and slow down throughout my day and truly appreciate what is in front of me.

The days I have productive early mornings, are the days I truly soak in the special moments of my day.

It helps me eliminate hurry and embrace special moments.

Daily Journaling

My favorite part of my bedtime routine is winding down by writing down my favorite special moments I experienced that day. It really helps me to relax and revisit all of the simple joys from that day. It is so amazing because there is never a day that is exactly the same.

I also love revisiting gratitude entries I wrote weeks or even years before and being reminded of these special memories from days in the past.

You may find that writing down simple moments of your day is easier in the morning. Whatever time of day you decide to reflect is up to you, the most important thing is to make a gratitude journal a habit. By doing this, it will allow you to live more in the present by soaking in these moments and reflecting on them later.

88 of my Favorite Fall Joys

Below is a list of some of my favorite simple joys.

  1. A child’s laugh
  2. A loved one grasping your hand
  3. Snow floating through the cold air
  4. A kiss from a spouse
  5. The bright colors of Fall
  6. A hug from a friend
  7. A mum’s fragrant smell
  8. A hot cup of coffee
  9. A steamy shower
  10. A soft blanket
  11. A call from a friend
  12. The crackling from a fire
  13. Freshly painted nails
  14. A dog wagging his tail
  15. A cold glass of ice water
  16. The crisp bite of an apple
  17. Freshly washed laundry
  18. Clean, crisp sheets.
  19. A memorable song
  20. New bottle of wine
  21. The smell in the air during a snow storm
  22. A full moon
  23. A walk on a beautiful day
  24. Clean home
  25. A fall scented candle
  26. A crackling fireplace
  27. Freshly washed hands
  28. Running into an old friend
  29. Watching your children play
  30. Going out to dinner
  31. Picking vegetables from your garden
  32. Mountain views
  33. Connecting with a new friend
  34. Walking through your front door after a long trip
  35. A freshly baked chocolate chip cookie
  36. The warmth of the sun
  37. Birds chirping
  38. Water running down a river
  39. A baby’s first steps
  40. Vacuum lines
  41. A good book
  42. A challenging workout
  43. A fresh smoothie
  44. Completing a goal
  45. A conversation with a stranger
  46. Catching up with an old friend
  47. The crunching of Fall leaves
  48. Chips and salsa
  49. A frothy beer
  50. A great pair of jeans
  51. A quiet, slow morning
  52. A new journal
  53. A call from your mom
  54. Reading scripture that you needed to hear
  55. A fizzling Perrier
  56. Ice cream on a summer night
  57. Playing catch with a child
  58. A funny joke
  59. Laughing until you cry
  60. A good cry
  61. Pumpkin pie
  62. A new pair of socks
  63. The smell of fresh bread baking
  64. A Fall football game
  65. Church on Sunday morning
  66. A fuzzy jacket
  67. Sleepy time tea
  68. Passing on your childhood traditions to your kids
  69. Finishing something on your to-do list
  70. Buying someone’s coffee
  71. A beautiful sunset
  72. Taking a road trip
  73. Pumpkins of all colors, shapes, and sizes
  74. Farm fresh eggs
  75. A healthy meal
  76. Snow capped mountains
  77. The sound of waves
  78. A fresh haircut
  79. The sound of a running dishwasher
  80. A brisk run
  81. Spotting a ladybug
  82. Jack-o-laterns
  83. A pumpkin spice latte
  84. Rolly Pollies
  85. Bike ride
  86. Fresh baked scones
  87. Prayers before meals
  88. Reading to your children

“There is no greater feeling than hanging out with my dogs, or just walking around the land with our horses. My rescue ranch is is where I feel the most at peace and where I’m reminded of the simple things in life and let the chaos of my crazy work life fade away.”

Kelly Clarkson

What are some of your favorite joys? Share them in the comment section below!

Spending time in quiet to write down your favorite simple joys of each day and being prepared and waking up early in the morning are a few ways you can really embrace those special moments of your day.

Can’t wait for you to get started!

Talk soon,


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