Fun Seasonal Crafts and Activities to Do With Kids

The two-most dreaded words as a parent, “I’m bored”. No matter how many toys, books, games, or cartoons, the boredom blues always seems to hit when you least expect it!

These DIY kids crafts and activities will make sure you have some boredom busters ready to go when you need them the most!

This good friend of mine is such an inspirational mom. She is so hands-on with her kiddos and is always so present with them. She plans such fun crafts and activities to with her kids. I am always an awe her!

I thought she would be the perfect person to ask for some fun activities she has done with her kids recently. She always has the BEST ideas! She put together a list of their favorites and seperated them into seasonal activities. Take a peek below to see what she came up with!

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Halloween Ghosts

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  Make them, hide them, hang them.  Just a few things needed to make these ghosts.  My kiddos have fun coloring the ghost faces.  I would consider using fabric instead of tissue paper but use what you have for this simple craft.  We like to hide them around the house and do scavenger hunts.  We like to hang them in the trees too!  

Roll a Monster

This game can be played lots of different ways.  It’s a nice way to gather everyone around the table.  There are many other versions too (Valentines, Thanksgiving, etc).


Nature Walk

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Go on a nature scavenger hunt with your kiddos. Color the squares of that matching objects your children find.


fresh bread with homemade butter
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Homemade Butter

This was an amazing activity.  We did this together on a cold, snowy day.  It was a workout too!  Especially for Mom. We baked some warm bread and enjoyed the bread with our homemade butter as a family.  

Gingerbread Houses

Peeps house - fun Easter craft for kids
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A classic.  We like to buy the kits currently.  My kiddos are young and it’s an appropriate challenge.  But as they get older, I will have them create their own without a kit and then eventually we will have competitions (a tradition for my brother and I when we were in High School).  If you find a fun activity, create ways for the activity to grow with you.  We don’t stop at Gingerbread Houses around Christmastime – we also make Peep Houses at Easter.  This year, the house turned into a Massive Peep Party House, complete with slides and a pool on the roof.  I let me kids go wild and be creative.  It makes a mess – but is totally worth it.  


Flower Treats

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We do these every year.  It’s a very simple recipe with only a few ingredients and one where the kiddos can pretty much do on their own – minus the oven part.  As much as I’d like every flower treat to look perfect, I try my best to relax and let my kiddos create whatever kind of treat they’d like.  We will bag them up and deliver them to our friends or teachers.  My children have fun creating and then deciding who to share their creations with.  

Fairy Gardens/Dinosaur Gardens! 

 We had so much fun with these.  It was exciting to make the gardens and then watch them grow each day.  


Dinosaur Ice Eggs

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We love these.  A great way to get outside and play.  The hardest part is stuffing the small plastic dinosaur, mermaid or other creature into the balloon.  We like to use warm water to melt our ice instead of tools.  My children like to plan these out for play dates – they are fun to do with a group.  Each kiddo gets so excited to “dig” out their own creature.  

Butterfly Growing Kit

This is a great family adventure.  We loved each step and each step lasted several days so we had the opportunity to really observe and take it all in.  

Rainbow Skittles Experiment

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Simple.  Fun.  Colorful.  

Let’s Wrap Up

Doesn’t she have the best ideas? I hope you can try them out with your kiddos. I can’t wait to try these with mine!

Talk soon!


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