Meaningful Coincidences

There I was in unfamiliar town in Wyoming, about to move into a house with strangers, hours away from anything or anyone I knew. My parents found a host family that was going to take me in while I completed my student teaching at an elementary school. I was so grateful for these sweet people, and they were so generous and kind but I’d never been to this town where I would be teaching. I felt alone and frustrated that I had been placed so far away from all of my friends during the last semester of college I had.

Once I moved all of my things to the carriage house where I was staying I went in to talk to my host family, I started looking around at all of their family pictures around their living room walls. One picture in particular caught my eye. I recognized a boy that was photographed in a picture on the wall. It was my friend, Ray, that I knew from college. Through talking with my host family, they explained that the carriage house I was living in for the next six months was the same carriage house Ray used as a play house as a little boy. My host family use to babysit Ray and he spent many years growing up in this house. Little did I know I would end up marrying Ray about ten years later.

How could this be? Out of all of the towns I could have been placed in, all of the homes I could have stayed in, here I was staying in my future husband’s former babysitter’s house. Some may say, “what a coincidence”, but I truly believe it was something more! God’s plan is perfect and he set me up in this house to begin the journey towards my husband. This was not by chance but God’s hand guiding my life to his. His timing was perfect and the way our story began was serendipitous. Perhaps more of a spiritual synchronicity than a coincidence?

Spiritual Synchronicities


What is a Spiritual Synchronicity

Have you ever been thinking about person non-stop one day and all of a sudden you run into them at a grocery store? Or maybe you are thinking about a loved one that has passed and their favorite song plays on the radio. Perhaps you’re contemplating whether you should accept a job offer and you walk by a magazine with the headline, “Make the Move”! Carl Jung, a well-known psychologist, defined synchronicities as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events where something other than the probability of chance is involved.” These events that some may call coincidences, are God’s hand gently guiding us towards his will for our lives.

How to Experience Spiritual Synchronicities

The best way to experience spiritual synchronicities is not to search for them! I often ask God for guidance and from there I will often encounter spiritual synchronicities. They don’t happen all the time but they seem to occur when I need it the most. It’s important to be aware and in tune with our surroundings to experience spiritual synchronicities. If we are distracted, we may miss synchronicities that are presented to us. So spend time in quiet with God, ask for any guidance you may need, and God will take it from there!

Keeping Track of Synchronicities

I keep a list in my journal about spiritual synchronicities I experience so I don’t forget them. So often if I don’t write them down they are lost through the busyness of life. It’s truly astonishing to re-read spiritual synchronicities I’ve experienced. It often gives me goosebumps when I’m going through them! If you can, try and keep a list of these spiritual coincidences to keep close to your heart.


You may look back at a few experiences in your lifetime where you experienced a spiritual synchronicity. It is truly an amazing experience when you do get the opportunity to encounter one. It’s often something that is so perfectly orchestrated it leaves you in awe! If you are alert and ready to listen to God, he will provide you with the guidance you need. Or he may supply you with an experience that leaves you with peace and comfort when it is most needed. Maybe it’s that little hint of reassurance you were looking for. God knows exactly what you need at the most perfect time.

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Hope this gets you thinking about your own perfectly orchestrated spiritual synchronicity experiences!



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