How to Make Big Life Decisions: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

We’ve all been there-you have a big decision to make and you are feeling the pressure to make a decision quickly. These crossroads in life are familiar to most. Often, the road in which you choose could change your life. These decisions can come in the form of a big job change, a move toContinue reading “How to Make Big Life Decisions: What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do”

88 of My Favorite Fall Joys and How to Truly Embrace the Fall Season

Life can be overwhelmingly busy, which makes it so easy to gloss over simple yet meaningful gifts God has blessed us with that often fill our days. But if you really set your focus each morning to find and experience these beautiful blessings throughout your day, you will see how bountiful they truly are. IContinue reading “88 of My Favorite Fall Joys and How to Truly Embrace the Fall Season”

3 Types of Joy Stealers

1. Focusing on Other’s Blessings and Forgetting About Your Own “I’m too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.” Anonymous God has placed abundant blessings in each person’s life, but so often these blessings can be overlooked. Many of us are too concerned with other people’s blessings, and this leadsContinue reading “3 Types of Joy Stealers”

If You’re Feeling Burnt Out, Stressed, or Irritable, Read this.

“Your life is the by-product of your lifestyle. By life I mean your experience of the human condition, and by lifestyle I mean the rhythms and routines that make up your day-to-day existence. The way you organize your time. Spend your money. There is a saying in business literature that I love: “Every system isContinue reading “If You’re Feeling Burnt Out, Stressed, or Irritable, Read this.”

4 Christian Books + Devotionals I’m Loving

Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10). My favorite way to start each day is to wake up early, sit with a cup of coffee, my journal, and prayer devotionals. It truly helps me prepare for each day, and I honestly feel like my days run so much smoother when I takeContinue reading “4 Christian Books + Devotionals I’m Loving”

Red, White, and Blue Watermelon Salad

My favorite summer snack of all time is watermelon with lime sprinkled over the top. The combo of the two makes your tastebuds explode! This watermelon salad is so tasty, fresh, healthy, and super easy to make. Just 4 simple ingredients. Let’s check it out! Voilà! I think you will love this! A refreshing summerContinue reading “Red, White, and Blue Watermelon Salad”

3 Steps to Spiritual Surrender

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens…” Ecclesiastes 3:1 Spiritually Surrendering I was talking with a friend of mine who just moved back after moving to the south with her husband and two kids. Her husband had gotten laid off right in the middle of Covid andContinue reading “3 Steps to Spiritual Surrender”

Easiest Way to Cut a Pineapple

Can you relate? You need a healthy side for dinner, you walk into a grocery store, look around at all the fruits and vegetables. You notice pineapples, watermelon, and cantaloupe but you think to yourself, that’s going to take too long to cut. Then you go to the precut fruit section, and you noticed aContinue reading “Easiest Way to Cut a Pineapple”