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Investing Time to Exercise

In addition to prayer, another huge passion of mine is exercise. It relieves stress, clears my mind, and puts me in a great mood. As moms, it can be a huge challenge to find time in your day to workout. However, I am a huge believer of investing time in myself and allowing myself to have quiet prayer time and time to work out, because I truly feel like I am a more patient and loving with my kids when I do. As moms, we often put our wants and needs last. It’s so important to break this tendency! If you’re not getting time to fulfill your needs, you won’t feel like your best self, which then reflects how you parent your children.

Tips for Working Out as a Mom

Many moms may feel like there is no way they have time to work out. Trust me, I get it. Being a mom is nonstop and exhausting! I recently found this article that discussed tips on finding time to work out for moms. These are tips that could work for working moms and stay at home moms. The author, Jena Bradley, mentions early morning workouts, exercising during nap time, or over the lunch hour. Then, she makes suggestions on how to stick to a workout schedule, like finding an accountability partner and setting a reminder when it is time to exercise.

Click on the image to read Jena Bradley’s article, “How to Find Time to Exercise as a Busy Mom with a Baby”.

I hope this article inspires you to find time in your crazy busy schedule to invest in your beautiful self!

Xo, Merr

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