Effortless Tips to Motivate Yourself to Workout

We’ve all been there, the days when working out is the last thing you want to do. You feel tired, weighed down, and chores and work obligations are screaming at you to complete them. When you feel this way, brain fog and fatigue are hard to combat but there are ways to push these obstacles aside and achieve your workout goals. Below are some easy tips to get your body in motion and achieve the workout that seems impossible to complete.

Start an Exercise Motivation Text Group with your Friends

A friend of mine recently started a workout challenge motivated by a text chain. She started a text group with a group of women with the same workout goal. Last month we completed, Robin Arzon’s, 3 for 31, 3 miles everyday for 31 days. We could choose to walk or run for 3 miles a day or complete an indoor cycling workout for 30 minutes each day for the entire month of December. We sent proof of our workouts by sending pictures of the mileage on our workout watches, pictures of our treadmill mileage, or if we didn’t have either of those, pictures of our tennis shoes in action. There were six of us on the text group and throughout the day our phones would buzz with a picture of one of us completing the challenge. There is nothing more motivating to complete a workout! It was so fun to cheer each other on and extremely motivating to have friends keeping each other accountable to reach a challenging but attainable workout goal. So whether it’s a few friends on your workout text group or ten, find a similar workout goal, and cheer each other on towards the path of workout success.

Write Down Your Workout Routine on a Calendar

If you don’t have a workout routine, it can be very hard to wrap your brain around completing a workout on random days. An easy way to start a personal workout schedule is start with the number of days you want to workout each week. Whether it’s two, four, or six days a week, commit to that number of days. Then, think about which days work best for you to achieve a workout. Maybe the weekends are the easiest or you enjoy working out during the week and taking the weekends off to rejuvenate. Whatever your schedule may look like, commit to the days that work best with your schedule. From there, devote the same time each workout day to exercise. Everyone’s preference is different, so whether you prefer early mornings, during your kid’s nap times, over your lunch break, or at night, commit to a time to dedicate towards your exercise goals. When you have a clear picture of which days and times you have reserved for exercising, it will be much harder to talk yourself out of a workout.

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Give Yourself an Attitude and Gratitude Check

There are days when I just do not want to put forth the effort to workout. On these days, I have to give myself an attitude and gratitude check. Every so often, I need to remind myself how truly blessed I am to be able to have the opportunity to workout. To be able to have the ability to move my legs, arms, and body to better my health is a true blessing. When I think of the benefits and blessings of being able to workout through the lens full of gratitude, it allows me to be goal-driven and complete my workout with a positive mind-frame.

Stay Hydrated

There is nothing harder than trying to workout after drinking a bunch of soda or sugary coffee drinks. These drinks make you feel tired and often unmotivated. On all days, but especially days you workout, start your day with drinking water and continue to hydrate throughout the day. To ensure I stay hydrated during the day, I fill a big water bottle with ice and water in the morning and keep this near me throughout the day. I also love drinking non-flavored sparkling water for an extra twist to stay hydrated. When I drink enough water, it helps me feel refreshed, hydrated, light on my feet, and ready to take on any kind of workout.


No matter how athletic and in-shape you are, everyone has those days that seem impossible to find the motivation to workout. So give these suggestions a try: start an exercise motivation text group with your friends, write down a workout routine on your calendar, give yourself an attitude and gratitude check, and make sure you drink enough water. With support from friends, a routine, a positive perspective, and fueling yourself with fresh water, you are destined to break out of that fitness slump and wakeup your body with a revitalizing workout.

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Hope this article helps with escaping and conquering the fitness slump!



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