5 Tips to Create an Early Morning Routine

I’m not a morning person. I remember saying this statement to friends as we discussed what time we get up in the morning. I convinced myself of this and I didn’t think that would ever change. Then I started having babies and that drastically changed my morning schedule. As you know, with young kids its a given you’ll be up early. Once my kids grew out of the tiny newborn stage, I started to yearn for time to myself. It was getting to be too much to wake up at the same time as my kiddos and then be instantly on. Everyone needed juice, breakfast, teeth brushed, and hair combed, all at the same time. On top of that, immediately starting the chores and tasks of the morning were draining and I just woke up! I knew I had to change my morning routine to ensure I had some time to myself before each crazy, busy day began. Below are my top 5 tips to ensure a peaceful early morning before the tasks of the day come knocking.

Commit to an Early Bedtime

Bedtimes don’t have to be just for the kids! So often, it is easy to be distracted by an addicting show or catching up social media. My husband and I always like to watch a show together once the kids go to sleep and we love to be able to get some time together. But if you sit down on the couch with the understanding you’re only going to watch a few episodes that sets an exception for your evening. Typically our kids go to sleep at 8:00 and Ray and I start winding down by 9:30. This allows us to have time to ourselves and time to relax but also get to bed at a decent hour. Its the best of both worlds!

Prep the Coffee Maker

What’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning? I open my sleepy eyes and head to the coffee machine. It’s so nice to not have to be knocking around the kitchen searching for the coffee grounds and filling up the reservoir with water in the early morning. I set the automatic brew for 30 minutes before I wake up, and each morning the smell of the coffee filling the house helps me get my feet on the ground. Pouring the creamer in my coffee and having that first sip of hot coffee to start my day is such a treat. It’s the perfect way to start the day without much effort.

Set Out Your Workout Clothes

After I spend time in prayer during the early morning hours, I try and squeeze in a workout before the kids get up. One thing I do to motivate myself to workout in the morning is set out my workout clothes. This allows me to quickly get dressed for my workout since the time is short in the morning. In addition, once I see those clothes laying out, I know my workout is going to happen. This helps me especially on days where I’m not feeling particularly excited about working out. It seems the quicker I put on my workout clothes, my mind and body start waking up to the idea of a workout. After you tie those tennis shoes, there is no turning back!

Screens Off Before Lights Out

On nights where I go straight from the TV or phone right to bed it takes me forever to get to sleep! My mind is thinking about a million things a minute and before I know it I’ve been laying in bed for a hour without falling asleep. One of my favorite routines my husband and have about 30 minutes before falling asleep is turn off all screens. We pour ourselves a hot cup of tea and sit together and read books. This allows our minds and bodies to decompress and wind down. I fall asleep so much quicker when I read before bed. My mind is at peace and I zonk out in no time!

Keep the Morning Routine

I’ve found that the more consistently I’ve kept the habit of waking up earlier the easier it is to wake up. I typically keep this routine everyday. During weeks that I wake up early on some days and sleep in on others, my early mornings become a lot more difficult. However, the weeks I wake up early every morning, the easier it is to keep the routine. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. It just becomes apart of who you are!

Give the Morning Routine a Try!

I can’t wait for you to give these a try! So commit to your bedtime, prep the coffee maker, set out your workout clothes, and try and stay consistent. I promise once you begin these habits, you will become addicted and wonder how you ever survived before! I hope these tips help you to succeed in enjoying a peaceful early morning before the start of a busy day.

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