Country Concert Outfit Ideas by a Wyoming Girl

If you have a country concert to go to and you are in need of some outfit inspo, you have come to the right place! Living in Wyoming (yes, Wyoming does exist), we have a ton of country acts come our way, so I’m always on the lookout for some cute country concert attire. Going to a concert is such a fun way to get out on the town and have a date night or spend some time with friends.

For outfits, I tend to invest in a good pair of western boots or booties, and then keep my outfits on the affordable side. Why? Because you can wear nice boots all year round, but a lot of times, you can only wear, all that fringe, a few times. I love bargain shopping for country concert outfits because of this.

Want to see what I have in line for this summer’s concerts? Scroll below to check it out!

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The Little Black Dress

The clothes portion of this outfit is all found on Amazon, so if you’re running behind, I’ve got you! The dress comes in a bunch of different colors and I plan on buying a few others versions because I love the fit so much.

I got my boots from Freebird by Steve Madden. They are pricey, but you can always find a promo code when you shop on their site. They are well worth the price tag–I wear my Freebird boots for years and years. Linked below are the outfit details.

The Casual but Not

You can’t go wrong with all black attire for a country concert. I’m reusing my Freebird boots for this one. Paired with simple, distressed black shorts, a black western belt, and a one sleeved fringed onesie. This country concert outfit is super simple but has that country elegance with all that fringe.

The Graphic Tee & Levis

There is nothing that makes me feel more country than a pair of demin Levi Shorts.

Pair them with a graphic tee, and without much effort, you’re ready for a night out in the wild, wild West.

Short Sleeve Long Live Rock and Roll Shirt
Photo Credit:

The Fringe Mini-Skirt

I love a detailed fringe skirt with a simple top! I bought this skirt last summer, and after searching for it, I couldn’t find the exact one, but found a similar high-waisted skirt with fringe that would be equally as cute!

The shoes in the picture are Freebird‘s, also from last summer, but I found some that I like even better! These would look perfect with the black on black shirt and skirt.

I’m going to give my bank account a little breather after buying the Freebird Woodland boots above and then purchase these!

Now for the outfit:

Let’s Wrap It Up

I think everyone deserves a night out, especially us mommas! Hopefully you can find something you like from the list above and mesh it to fit your own unique style. So go grab yourself some tickets, plan a cute outfit, and hit the town. No one deserves it more than you!

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