My Go-To Healthy Weeknight Dinner Recipes

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I love to cook but sometimes the meal planning part of the week is a drag. I want to make sure I am cooking something yummy but also healthy. I have a few go-to healthy weeknight recipes that I cycle throughout my meal planning. They are simple and quick. Check them out below.

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1. Chipotle Beef & Avocado Bowls


I found this recipe on 40aprons by Cheryl Malik. It is simple, filling, and so delicious. It is basically rice, ground beef, a smoky sauce, and guacamole. If you’ve never made homemade guacamole before, don’t be intimidated. It honestly takes about 5 minutes max. We make ours with 2 smashed avocados, the juice of a lime, a squeeze of sour cream, and a dash of salt and pepper. Cheryl has a quick guacamole recipe included as well. We typically substitute the cauliflower rice for white rice, but either would be delicious. We also don’t add mushrooms because Ray doesn’t like them. It’s still super delicious without them. I don’t add all of the smokey sauce so it’s not too spicy for my kiddos. Having a rice cooker on hand makes it that much easier! I linked the one we use below in case you need one. Ours was cheap but works really well.

Click here to go to check out the recipe.

2. Fried Rice

fried rice

I found this recipe on Delish. I love it because it is so quick for a weeknight when you don’t have a lot of time to cook and also need something filling. Only takes 20 minutes! Our kids also love this recipe. They always gobble it up when I make it. There are only 7 simple ingredients. I like to cook the chicken earlier in the day to have ready to cut up and throw in the rice later. Just like the recipe above, grab a rice cooker for your weeknight meals. We almost have rice for every meal and it is just so easy to throw the rice to cook in the cooker. This makes it even simpler during the busy evenings!

3. Harvest Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

I found this recipe on Well Plated. I love this recipe because it is so healthy and has so many yummy foods in it. Such a pretty dish! The author recommends bacon but I’ve also added summer sausage to spice things up a bit. I also do not add the cinnamon since we usually don’t want it to taste sweet. This recipe takes a bit longer than the two above but it is worth it! Click the link below to check out the recipe.

4. Easy Chicken Tikka Masala

Easy Chicken Tikka Masala - 10000x better (and faster) than take-out! And the chicken is perfectly tender with the creamiest, most flavor-packed sauce ever!

My entire family loves Tikka Masala. We first tried it at a friend’s house and fell in love with it ever since. It is a perfect dish to make on a cold, winter night. It will warm you and your loved ones right up! The one ingredient we had to pre-order on Amazon is garam masala spice mix so I attached a link below for that. I also buy premade naan at the store to go with it. We love the Stonefire brand. Some Tikka Masala recipes can be super time consuming but I found a simple one on damndelicious. Below is the garam masala spice mix link and the recipe.

Who says weeknights can’t be delicious, healthy, and easy?! Your family will be drooling and begging for more. Can’t wait for you to give these a try!



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