Soaking in the Simple Things

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”   Matthew 18:3

Be More like Little Children

Have you ever observed a baby when you give them an object? Their eyes grow big and they observe every angle, color, and texture. Now imagine a young child talking to an adult or friend. They are completely present in who they are talking to and genuinely curious and joyful about the conversation they are apart of. God created children how he wished we live our lives-living completely present in what is put in front of you. Being completely aware and alive to what is happening around you, who is around you, and the simple joys of nature placed in our paths

Breaking Bad Habits

Unfortunately, due to our obsession with social media, the news, and television, we lose this skill as we grow older. Even young children are robbed of this gift earlier and earlier in life due to parents allowing screen time during many hours of the day and even over meals. Memories of childhood are lost amongst dazed eyes on a blinding screen and parents lose out on many precious moments with their children. We must stop this mind-numbing cycle and live more like little children.

Awareness of Details

If we can soak in the simple things like watching steam rise from our coffee cups, listening to the colorful birds chirp and sing, smelling the vibrant flowers in bloom; these are the things that bring us peace and joy in the moment. These are simple gifts in life that God wants us to enjoy. Let’s take a lesson from our children and truly enjoy the gifts that are placed in front of us. Once you do you will experience a newfound peace and joy in your hearts.

Daily Miracles

So, let’s live our lives more like little children. Let’s be truly curious and awake to our surroundings. Let’s breathe them in as we experience them. If only we lived our lives this way, we would enjoy the miracles happening before our very eyes. It’s time to soak in the simple things in life.

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