What’s God’s Will for Me?

But let all those that put their trust in thee rejoice: let them ever shout for joy, because tho defendest them; let the also that love thy name be joyful in thee.” Psalm 5:11

Achieving a Fruitful Life

God placed you on this earth for a very specific reason. He wants you to achieve many earthly tasks that were specially designed for you. You were not put on this earth randomly! Think about when God created the earth, he included you in his intricate plans.  How amazing is that! Many of us spend our lives trying to figure out God’s will for our lives. God has many planned pathways throughout our lifetime ready for us to follow. It is up to us whether we chose to follow them or not. How do you know whether you are taking the right path?

Importance of Intuition

The best sign is to listen to your intuition. You know, that feeling in your heart that tells you whether something feels right or wrong. If something feels right your heart, mind, and soul will feel at peace. If something feels wrong you feel resistance. I think back to a previous relationship that I knew was wrong for me. The man I was dating was a good person, but he did not have a relationship with God. Deep down I knew he was not meant to be my life partner. My mind would try to convince my heart that he was the right person for me but it was a forced feeling. I could have easily not followed God’s will and married this man.

Following Your Intuition

When I look back at this, I think about how different my life would be if I made that decision. After the honeymoon stage passed,  I would have been in a very difficult marriage, and I don’t believe we would have seen eye to eye on big life decisions. I ended up marrying the true love of my life who has a true passion and love for God. Now we have 3 children and plan to raise them to be faith filled children of God. This is why God says he gives us free will. I could have very well married that other man but what a hardship that would have been. My heart told me no, and I listened. The heart is the holy spirt helping guide our decisions. The most important thing to remember about the holy spirt is he is not going to reveal God’s plan for your entire life all at one time. But if we are in tune with him, and follow our intuitions, he will reveal his plans day by day. What an adventure to be on.

Release Control

I have found that if I followed my will for my life in the past, my life would have been unfulfilled. Every time I have chosen to follow God’s will for my life, the most unexpected blessings arise. I view each day as a present waiting to be unwrapped. Who knows what each day will bring. Can you trust God to show you the way? Can you allow the tight grip of control you have on your life to be released into God’s hands? God asks us to live in the present and he has our future handled. Follow your intuition to discover God’s will for your life everyday, but take it day by day. This will lead you to discover each and every pathway God wants us to follow which will lead to unexpected surprises. Whether its people he brings into your life, an unexpected job offer, or a surprising event that happens. God works in marvelous ways to fulfill his will for our lives.

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XoXo, Merr

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