The Best Things in Life Are Free

Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy? Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fare.

Isaiah 55:2

Finding Joy in the Simple Things

There is a huge misconception of the importance of money to live a happy, stress-free life. The real problem is we are investing our free time in all the wrong things. I can think of the many times I picked up my cell phone the moment I opened my eyes in the morning. Or the first thing I did at the end of the day was scroll through social media and catch up on my friend’s daily activities. Even turned on the TV for a mindless show to wash away a busy day. Of course, these things in moderation are okay but we use technology to the extreme and in the end we feel empty.

Gifts from God

God has given us the greatest blessings that are available to all people at any time. It doesn’t matter how much money make or where you live. God made sure these gifts were available to every single one of his precious children. We must make the choice to utilize these gifts. So, what are these gifts that God has given us?

A Relationship with Him

God has blessed us with his friendship. God craves to have a relationship with us, but we need to invest the time in that relationship to draw nearer to him. Through the practice of spending time with the Lord during my free time, I have found an incredible sense of peace and clarity in my life. If something has upset me that day, I talk to him about it. If something special has taken place, I thank him. If I am nervous about something, I ask for guidance. I often sit in silence with the Lord and listen for his voice. I have found that God has guided me to do things that I would never have imagined possible through time with him. God has given the gift of prayer to guide our lives and to have a beautiful friendship with him, we just must carve the time in our day to do this. Make it a priority!


God has blessed us with the beauty of nature all around us. My favorite morning routine is to go outside in the morning, feel the heat of the sun on my skin and breathe in the fresh air. I love listening to the birds singing all around me and the sound of the grass blowing in the gentle wind. I love walking around the yard and smelling the flowers and soaking in all the vibrant colors around me. Watching the tiny insects that are crawling on bright green plants surrounding me. I love going for a walk without my cell phone to look at the sky and watching the sunset at the end of the day. These quiet moments in nature clear my mind and allow me to enjoy the beautiful gifts of nature God has given to us.

Love in Relationships

God has given us the gift of love to enjoy in our life. A kiss from our spouse, a hug from a friend, a smile from a child, a nudge from a dog or a pet. Instead of passing these on in our day like they are no big deal, soak them in, and relish them as they happen. God gave us the gift of love because he is love. If you really focus on the gift of love, you will see it and experience it throughout your day. 

Embrace these Gifts

We all crave these vital gifts God us given to us but so many of us are in a habitual cycle of technology we aren’t noticing them. We are so busy looking at the screen that we are missing out on the most important things int life. Your time is so precious so use it wisely and enjoy the gifts of nature, prayer, and soaking in the love surrounding you.  Use the gifts God has given each and everyone of us to live a full, meaningful life and use your free time to invest in activities that are fulfilling to you! Soon, the stress and anxiety you are feeling will melt away. You will begin to treasure every moment of every day and use your time more wisely. The saying is so true, the best things in life truly are free!

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