This Simple Kitchen Hack Saves Me a Ton of Time Every Time I Cook

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I went to my friend Kate’s house a few months back and I noticed something she had on her counter. It was a mini-lazy Susan with all of her cooking essentials right next to her stove. I had never seen this idea before! She had cute little containers for her salt, pepper, a candle, and a pretty bottle of olive oil. I don’t know about you but I use these items for pretty much every meal I make. Before I saw this little hack, I would be digging into my spice cabinet for salt and pepper, which were often hard to find. Then, about two minutes later I’d be looking for olive oil. Before I knew it, there went 5 minutes looking for items that are used every time I cook. I thought, might as well have these items near your stove ready to go!

I am anti-clutter, I can’t stand things that are not put away, but I think if this is done right, it looks super adorable in the kitchen. You could do fresh flowers, a candle, or a plant, next to the salt & pepper and olive oil on the mini lazy Susan. Dress it up however is you like while not skipping out on those essential cooking items. Some salt and pepper containers come with small spoons but I found it easiest to just take a pinch of salt and pepper with my freshly washed hands. Makes me feel a little like Bobby Flay!

I bought my mini-lazy Susan at TJ Maxx along with the salt and pepper containers but I found some on Amazon that are equally as cute. I bought a bottle of olive oil with a cute label and now every time I need more olive oil I just fill up that same cute bottle with a brand of olive oil that bottle isn’t as pretty. TJ Maxx has some unique olive oil brands with cool bottles if you’re out and about and have time to search. If you’re looking for something quick and easy, check out some cute ideas from Amazon below.

Hope this helps save some time looking for the cooking essentials you use for every meal by having them ready to go by the stove!

Talk soon!


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