Something I Hope For All Moms This Christmas

Mommas. We are always running around a million miles a minute. Cleaning, organizing, caring for, cooking, the list goes on and on. And during the Christmas season, our to-do list is often multiplied, leaving many of us exhausted, stressed, and overwhelmed during Christmas.

We hustle and bustle around taking care of everyone’s needs, often forgetting our own.

We make sure everyone is content and happy and the house is perfect.

But when it’s time to finally sit down, the party is often over.

Don’t let that happen this Christmas.

This December, my hope is that you don’t miss the celebrations during the holidays making sure everything is perfect.

The kitchen may get messy.

The floors may be unswept.

The laundry may pile up.

Some email, calls, and texts may need to wait.

Dinner might be ordered in.

Whatever state your house may be in and what chores await, I hope for your sake, they can wait.

Momma, this Christmas season, I hope you allow yourself to:

  • Be fully present
  • Enjoy your friends and family
  • Soak in the joy of the holiday
  • Experience the now.

Because there are only a handful of years your children will be little during Christmas and there are only so many Christmas’ you get to celebrate during your lifetime. So with that in mind:

  1. I hope you get to soak in your children’s Christmas excitement.
  2. I hope you get to sit awhile by the fire and enjoy this season’s peace.
  3. I hope you get to enjoy the fresh smells of the Christmas tree lot.
  4. I hope you get to belt out your favorite Christmas songs.
  5. I hope you enjoy the warm glow of Christmas lights.
  6. I hope you soak in a Christmas Eve service and all the candles aglow.
  7. I hope you enjoy the glimmer of the Christmas tree in the evening.

And no, not after all the chores are done…

The laundry can wait, it’s time to soak in and enjoy the true meaning of the season.

Your presence is requested, too.


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