Red, White, and Blue Watermelon Salad

My favorite summer snack of all time is watermelon with lime sprinkled over the top. The combo of the two makes your tastebuds explode! This watermelon salad is so tasty, fresh, healthy, and super easy to make. Just 4 simple ingredients. Let’s check it out!

Red, White, and Blue Watermelon Salad

Serving Size:
4-6 people
30 min


  • Watermelon
  • 2 Limes
  • 1 Container of Blueberries
  • Feta cheese to Sprinkle over the top


  1. Cube half of a watermelon
  2. Sprinkle 2 limes over the top of the cubed watermelon
  3. 4-5 large handfuls of blueberries
  4. Sprinkle Feta Cheese over the top

Voilà! I think you will love this! A refreshing summer snack!

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